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If YOU Use Excel, But Are NOT using VBA, 
YOU ARE wasting 100's of hours per year 
doing mindless, repetitive tasks.
FACT #1: Over 750 Million people use 
Microsoft Excel every day. 

FACT #2:  ~92% of Excel users have 
NO CLUE that VBA will 10-100x their productivity, reduce stress, 
and launch their career!
FACT #3: It takes approx. 89 hours to
create a typical Management Report.

FACT #4: A typical Management Report 
requires 8 people to produce. 

Can you relate to this? 
FACT #5: True masters of productivity eliminate or automate ANY and ALL repetitive tasks...typically 
involving software!!
Want to automate YOUR
 repetitive Excel tasks? 
FACT #6: Productive people work "smarter 
not harder" -- accomplishing 10x - 100x 
MORE than their co-workers, in LESS
Don't you wish you could do this?
FACT #7: Unproductive people typically feel "stuck" in their jobs, "limited" in their careers, and "unrecognized" for their hard work. 
Want to escape this feeling?
FACT #8: Unproductive people share the following challenges:  
  - frequent job burn-out
  - more frequent job changes
  - increased tension in the workplace
  - lower annual salaries than their peers
  - fewer pay raises
Ever experienced one of these setbacks?
One SIMPLE Tool Will TRANSFORM the Way YOU Work!
But hurry,'s price is a 
Launch Promo (i.e. it WON'T last long!!
What Clients Are Saying
"Using VBA is NOT some silly "productivity hack" that saves you a couple hours a week! I'm finding it to be the ONLY legitimate, quantifiable productivity hack that is ACTUALLY saving me 100's of hours EVERY month. It's Insane!"  Steven B
"Holy crap!  I thought I knew my way around Excel. I had even toyed around with VBA in the past but never dug in because I was intimidated by the notion of 'coding'. Now that I understand the Macro Recorder, and the extent to which I can use Excel to automate my work-flow...I'm just amazed. Thanks, buddy! You have eliminated a LOT of headaches."  Ryan B
"I'm in Operations, and my day-to-day life pretty much orbits Excel...and I'm pretty good...or I thought I was.  You don't get nicknamed "Pivot Table Diva" for nothing.  However, I didn't realize there was so many more tools in Excel."  Charlotte C.
"Shout out to Chris from North Carolina. Not only are you ridiculously funny, but you have opened my eyes to what I can do in Excel. I started out as a "novice", but you have taken me "  Charlotte C.
"What took Chris less than 2hrs to generate with VBA, saved my company over 50hrs a week. Over the course of three years, we generated millions in sales by facilitating our sales team's efforts. And that was only the first project he's helped me with. Now when I see a "productivity hack" advertised or a nootropic that promises greater productivity, I just laugh. VBA is my magic bullett, and has been for years."  Mathew F.
Learning VBA Is An Exceptionally Smart Career Move...Why? 
When you are recognized as someone who can deliver greater value 
to the organization, in less time (than your peers) 
with far fewer errors
you will become an irreplaceable player in the organization.
Just For A Moment, I Want You To Imagine This...
You enter the office at 8am. Next, you open up your email, and see an urgent message from 
your boss that reads:  ”I need a comprehensive update on last week's #'s by 8:30am." 

No worries. You open up your previously built Excel workbook, 
and click the hidden "UPDATE" button.  
Ten seconds later, an update report appears across your screen. 
You forward the report to your boss, close your laptop, and go get a cup of coffee. 
You quietly say to yourself: "I can't believe I waited this long to learn VBA"

Wouldn’t that be a great feeling?

Would it put you on a different career path…
I've Spent 15yrs Discovering the Best Tools, 
Techniques and Tricks to Save You 
Time, Energy and Money.
Over the last 15yrs I've discovered...
1. How to get 10 - 100x MORE DONE using ONLY 1% of the time it is NOW taking you.

2. How to EASILY AUTOMATE the most complex Excel processes.

3. How to manage ENORMOUS data sets - EASILY!

4. How to create "poor man's" Business Intelligence tools to scrape web data. 

5. How to be the Excel WIZARD at work. 

6. How to ELIMINATE human data errors in Excel! (9 out of 10 workbooks contain errors)

7. How to make your co-workers job redundant...with code!! (Not Kidding!!) 


9. And much, much more… 
Who Should Consider Learning VBA Courses?
Career Ambitions
 - Struggling to climb the Corporate Ladder? 
- Passed over for that last promotion?
If so, you are probably not "adding the value" that your company needs, nor "standing out from the crowd"

By learning VBA, you will not only race to the front of the crowd, you will leave them in the dust. 
Job Security
- Worried about the economy? 

- Concerned your job is at risk?
High value-add, highly productive workers are IRREPLACEABLE

Take job security to a new level by learning to replace your co-workers with code! (not kidding)

Productivity Minded
- Tired of mindlessly cutting & pasting in Excel? 
- Feeling over-whelmed with your work-load? 
- Get 10x MORE DONE in Excel in ONLY 1% of the time it is NOW taking you. (SAVE 100's of HOURS each year)

- EASILY AUTOMATE the most complex Excel processes. (Eliminate the Thrash!)
Job Seeker
- Searching for a job in Finance, Admin, Operations, Marketing, or Sales? Excel is a prerequisite. 
- Want to put yourself WAY ahead of the competition? (VBA is a must!)

- Advanced Excel skills will get you noticed
- Knowing VBA will make you a data God.  
- Approx 3% of Excel users. skills even know VBA, those who do, are high-value employees & IRREPLACEABLE
Lessons Tailored to Your Needs (and Speed!)
Customized Learning
Learn at Your 
Own Pace
Online 24/7
and Flexible
Unlock the Secret to Unparalleled Productivity,
By Learning Excel VBA in Less Than 30 Days!
Courses We Offer
Impress Your Boss & Peers
(Everyday VBA Newbie)
(Normally $117)
10x Your Productivity
(Everyday VBA Novice)
(Normally $227)
Replace your Peers w/ Code
(Everyday VBA Advanced)
(Normally $220)
Chris' EverydayVBA Tips & Tricks
(Avoiding the Headaches)
(Normally $59)
(Weekly Learning Lab)
(Normally $19/mo)
EverydayVBA (bi-weekly) Master-Mind Group
(Bi-Weekly, 2hr Intensive Learning Lab)
- Limited to 25 Participants per Quarter -
(Call for Details)
Allow me to share a few Secrets to learning VBA
One SIMPLE Tool WILL Transform The Way YOU Work
Secret #1 
VBA is Your Magic Bullet
Most people have NO IDEA that VBA
can jump-start their career, 
save them 100's of hours per year, 
(1000's if you manage a team)...
...and so much more. 
Could you use an extra 
100 hours this year?

Secret #2 
Using VBA to Impress Your Boss
In today's intellectual work-place, 
you are NOT recognized for "working hard", 
but rather for "working smart" 
and your "value-add".
Here is a tool to get you noticed...TODAY! 
Isn't it time YOU were noticed?


Secret #3 
VBA Will Make Your Job Easier
Remember seeing this button? 
Isn't it about time you pushed it?
Secret #4
Job security is a relic of yesteryear, can do the work 
of several of your peers...
by replacing them with code!
(shhhh...this is now YOUR secret too!)
(that evil laugh you are experiencing is totally normal :-)
If you are reading this, 
AND you have watched ALL 4 videos,
you have unlocked 4 FREE Gifts (click the red box below)
Get the ONE Tool That Will TRANSFORM Your Productivity
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